The importance of water

by | Sep 25, 2016 | Advice | 0 comments

We all know water is a necessity to staying alive. Fact. But a lot of us still chose to opt for fizzy drinks instead, but why? Our body as an adult is made up of around 50-75% water. Your body’s composition varies on a few factors, 2 of which are gender and body fat. We all know that excess body fat is not good for us, it affects us in many ways and even ways which you don’t even think of, whether it’s visceral (internal) or subcutaneous (external).

When your body loses 1-3% of its water, you start to feel thirsty with co-ordination and mental performance hindering.

The more body fat you have, the less water you store, the bigger the impact mentally as well as physically on your body. When Formula 1 is on TV you’ll notice nearly every single driver holding a drink before they get in the car, slowly sipping away making sure their body is at maximum hydration for the race ahead. If concentration was to drop simply due to dehydration, at speeds of 220mph things could be catastrophic. Each driver has a small drinks bag behind him throughout the race to keep dehydration at bay, but when it comes to the hot and humid races, it shows why Motorsport drivers are some of the fittest if not THE fittest athletes on earth. Consuming enough water throughout the day keeps your body healthy/healthier whether it’s for your kidneys to clear away unwanted rubbish or to help with aching joints and muscle cramps. Water is good!

In a recent article by the Telegraph, a list of reasons to stop drinking fizzy drinks were really very alarming. More alarming than you initially think. A few reasons being: increase risk of cancer, make us fat, cause liver damage, premature ageing, increase our risk of Alzheimer’s. As we always say, everything in moderation is fine, but if you’re chugging down glass after glass of a man made fizzy chemical…surely only damage can be done?