Slimming Community!

by | Mar 5, 2017 | Advice | 0 comments

If you’re part of the Slimming World community and are on Facebook (who isn’t now days!) then you will most likely be familiar with the exceptionally fast growing Facebook group, “Pinch of Nom”. These 3 ladies have created something unique yet extremely professional across all social media including their constantly updated website

With regular new tips and recipes, the Pinch of Nom Facebook page is gaining around 2,000 new followers every single day!

The team here at Protein Food Shop are delighted to announce our delicious sausage range have been featured by the ladies for their excellent quality, taste and extremely low Syn values at just 0.5 Syns per Chipolata and 1 Syn per 83g Sausage. Our sausage are bigger that the standard meaning you receive 6 sausages in our 500g pack and at just 1 syn each! Niiiiice!


The PFS pork sausage range includes Traditional, Lincolnshire, Pork & LeekCumberland, Traditional Chipolata’s and Cumberland Chipolata’s – packed full of flavour whilst never going over 1 Syn per sausage.

Pinch of Nom: “We’re having some very special Protein Food Shop hampers made up, and they’ll be available very soon. They already supply a phenomenal amount of Slimming Sausages to members of local clubs in the South East & we’re delighted to spread the word!”

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