Abs are made in the kitchen

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Advice | 0 comments

If I had a pound for every time I’d heard the expression “Abs are made in the kitchen” I’d probably have at least £12.47.

Why do we hear this so much? I guess you could say, because it’s true. The vast majority of the time anyway.

Yes, some people are lucky and genetically blessed meaning they can eat rubbish all year round, never exercise or hit the gym and still look great…but that is an extremely small percentage of people. Most of us have to keep an eye on our diet and perform a good amount of weekly resistance training to look half decent.

However…diet DOES and always will, play a huge part in what we look like, how we perform and how we feel, hence the expression. The way we look is nearly always reflective on what we’ve consumed (bar a few exceptions), so by cleaning up our diet we can clean up the way we look and feel. We’ve all been there, just finished a massive blow out takeaway and about 2 minutes later hugely regretted it. Everything in moderation is fine, just as long as it’s not all the time. Try and be conscious of what you’re eating, the protein/carb/fat ratio as if you’re inactive and your diet consists of 100% carbs, you’re not really going the right way about those abs! Note: carbs are NOT the devil.

In many recent studies, a key reason to why we tend to grab a packet of crisps, chocolate bar or that last French Fancy is down to dehydration.

As a nation we don’t drink enough water/fluids, meaning our body mistakes thirst for hunger and because we have greater neuron impulses over fatty rubbish food rather than water, the snacks win every time! If we can simply get to the stage where by habit we’re drinking at least 2L of water per day, we will subconsciously eat less, especially less rubbish.

Think of it like this…we all know crisps have no real nutritional value, but we still eat them. If you have 1 Salt and Vinegar packet of a well-known brand of crisps per day as your “go to” snack (not really a lot, I’d probably have 2 or 3) when you’re not hungry and are in fact thirsty, here is how it’d pan out over the course of a year…

After 1 day1307.7g0.6g0.41g
After 1 week91053.9g4.2g2.87g
After 1 month4,030238.7g18.6g12.71g
After 1 year47,4502,810.5g219g149.65g

That’s an impressive 13.5lbs of pure fat.

Now, most people do not do this, it’s just an example of the extremes, however it does show that everything in moderation is ok.

So next time you grab that unhealthy snack because you “really want it”, ask yourself “do I really want it, or am I just thirsty” have a drink, wait 10 minutes, then you’ll know that answer!